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Your time to shine is now! Compete in teams of 2 with your little one and pit your skills against other teams to emerge winners of the CSKR 2017 Healthy Lunchbox Contest at our Roadshow. The rules are simple. Create a lunchbox with $20 worth of ingredients in 20 minutes!
If you think you have what it takes to put together a Healthy Lunchbox that is also yummy and looks awesome, WE WANT YOU!
Prizes worth over $800 up for grabs for 3 winners for each day!

Be quick, only limited to 10 teams for each day! Registration is free! Click here to register

Event Details
Venue: The Atrium (B1), United Square
Date: 25 and 26 March 2017
Time: 11:00am to 1:00pm


Terms and Conditions of CSKR 2017 Healthy Lunchbox Contest


1. A Team consisting of one (1) parent and one (1) child. The child’s age must be between 4-years-old and 12-years-old on year of the contest.

Reporting Time (for participating teams)

2. All competing teams must reach the event venue and report to the venue IC no less than 30 minutes before the contest start time.

Contest Format

3. Participating teams are to prepare and present a healthy lunchbox within 20 minutes.

4. All teams will be presented with 2 x $10 Cold Storage vouchers to make necessary purchases of ingredients and items from the Cold Storage at the venue.

5. Each team will be given 20 minutes to purchase their ingredients from the Cold Storage store at United Square. Participating teams will have to use products from at least two (2) of the following brands as ingredients for their Healthy Lunchbox.

6. Competitors who fail to use mandatory sponsors’ brands will have points deducted from their overall score.

7. Participants are strongly encouraged to visit the Cold Storage store at United Square prior to the contest to familiarise themselves with the store layout and location of items intended for purchase on contest day.

8. Each team will have two (2) minutes to present the unique selling points of their creation to the judges for scoring.


Venue layout

9. Each team will be given a table for preparation and presentation.

10. Teams shall not exceed the boundaries of the assigned working space. All preparation shall be done within the assigned space. Teams shall not share the assigned preparation space, utensils and/or devices.

11. Each team may bring along with them any necessary equipment (eg. food moulds, decorations, etc) and utensils for the preparation of food. Teams are not allowed to bring along food items to enhance their creations.

12. Teams are responsible for maintaining a clean work space throughout the contest.


13. The following equipment will be available for each team (parent and child) during the lunchbox making contest.

Judging Criteria

14. The teams will be judged according to the following criteria, amounting to a grand total of 100 points. Each criteria will carry the allocated amount of points as described below.

15. Failure to use at least two (2) brands mentioned in Point 5 will result in an immediate deduction of 20 points.

16. The Judges’ decision is final.


17. One (1) winner and two (2) runners-up of the CSKR 2017 Healthy Lunchbox Contest will be announced on each day, following the contest judging.

18. Contest prizes are as follows:



19. Whilst commercially reasonable precaution will be taken by ESG to ensure participants’ safety, participants take part in the CSKR 2017 Healthy Lunchbox Contest at their own risk. The Title Sponsor, Organiser, Event Sponsors and/or partners will not be responsible or held liable for any injury or death howsoever arising from participation in the contest and food preparation.


Location Map

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